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Paediatric Cancer Treatment in Hyderabad

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Pediatric cancer

Pediatric cancer is the cancer of children. It is a rare type of cancer. Out of 10,000 normal children, one will develop cancer during their childhood. Dialog cancer in a child can be stressful for both parents and the kid. Lack of knowledge and awareness can be frightening and troublesome, but cancer in children is treatable and curable if diagnosed early.
Common cancers in children are blood cancers (leukemia), cancers of the lymphatic system (lymphomas), cancer of the brain and spinal cord, muscle and bone cancers (sarcomas), and other cancers seen in very young children (embryonal cancers).

Pediatric Oncologist in Hyderabad

Almost 80% of cancers in children are curable, so if you are looking for a leading pediatric oncologist in Hyderabad, Visit Dr. Vijay P karan Reddy. He is the top pediatric oncology doctor in Hyderabad's best pediatric oncology hospitals. He has proved to be the best pediatric surgical oncologist in Hyderabad with fine surgical skills. He has different treatment modalities to cure the ailments. He is a top-quality doctor and performs the best pediatric oncology surgery in Hyderabad.

Here are some Pediatric Cancer Myths and Facts

Symptoms of pediatric cancer

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  • An unusual lump or swelling
  • Unexplained paleness and loss of energy
  • Easy bruising or bleeding
  • An ongoing pain in one area of the body including bones, joints, back
  • Limping
  • Unexplained fever or illness that doesn’t go away
  • Frequent headaches, often with vomiting
  • Change or deterioration in walk, balance or speech
  • Sudden eye or vision changes including white spot in the eye, new squint, new blindness, bulging eyeball
  • Sudden unexplained weight loss

Awareness of the signs and symptoms can help in the early detection of the ailments. The more you know about cancer, and Adult Cancer vs. Pediatric cancer care, the less confused or unprepared you will feel. Dr. Vijay P karan Reddy offers the best palliative care to the patient and family. It improves the quality of life of both parents and the kid. He has different treatment modalities, which include radiation; he is the best pediatric radiation oncologist in Hyderabad. Surgery and chemotherapy are also helpful in advanced stages. Our clinic is one of the best pediatric oncology hospitals in hyderabad. To know more about child cancers, call Us or Book your appointment now!

Dr. Vijay Karan Reddy, is an accomplished renowned and reputed Radiation Oncologist, having completed his M.D from the famous Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar, Chennai. For Appointments please call: (+91) 99123 20002.