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Head and Neck Cancer Doctor in Hyderabad

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Head and neck cancer is a very serious ,rare and complicated type of cancer with the prevalence of more than 650,000 cases and 330,000 deaths worldwide annually. It is a group of cancers of the mouth, sinuses, nose or throat. Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common type of head and neck cancer. Dr. Vijay Karan Reddy is a reputed and vigilant head and neck cancer doctor in Hyderabad who is well capable of handling complex cases.

What causes cancers of the head and neck?

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  • People who consume alcohol and tobacco are at greater risk of head and neck cancers.
  • Infection with cancer-causing types of human papillomavirus (HPV), especially HPV type 16
  • Intake of areca nuts and betel quid
  • Occupational exposures like exposure to wood dust can cause nasopharyngeal cancers.
  • Genetic
  • Exposure to radiation

Head and neck cancer is a serious health concern and requires the best head and neck cancer doctor.

Symptoms of head and neck cancer depend upon the area of malignancy.

  • In the oral cavity it starts with white or red patches on the gums, the tongue, or the lining of the mouth, inability to open mouth, loosely fit dentures.
  • In throat there is pain in swallowing
  • Voicebox (larynx). Trouble breathing or speaking, pain when swallowing or ear pain.
  • Paranasal sinuses and nasal cavity: nasal bleeding, pain, swelling
  • Salivary glands. Swelling under the chin or around the jawbone, numbness or paralysis of the muscles in the face, or pain in the beginning, the chin, or the neck that does not disappear.

Treatment modalities can be surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted drug therapy and palliative care. Dr Vijay Karan Reddy is one of the leading head and neck surgeon in Hyderabad. He is a reputed and vigilant head and neck oncologist who is well capable of handling complex cases. If you are looking for a head and neck onco surgeon or the best head and neck cancer doctor in Hyderabad, you must consult Dr VijayReddy. We have different treatment options for fighting cancers in our clinic that depend upon your need. We offer ethical practice and selfless service for your better future. You can trust us and fix your appointment now.

Dr. Vijay Karan Reddy, is an accomplished renowned and reputed Radiation Oncologist, having completed his M.D from the famous Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar, Chennai. For Appointments please call: (+91) 99123 20002.